Newsletter Term 1 Week 7 - Friday 18 March 2011

Value focus for the next two weeks: responsibility/tolerance

From The Principal

Kia ora tatou katoa, Talofa, Malo e lelei, Bula vi naka, Kia orana Nga mihi nui ki a koutou, Namaste, Nihao, He mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa! Greetings to you all.

This week saw the Launch of this year’s Inquiry unit “Our World, Our Water”, with many of our students visiting Pigeon Mountain, Musick Point, Pakuranga Sailing Club, and our stream. This has been a wonderful experience for our children, many of whom have never been to these places. Our children should have lots to share with you as a result of their visits to these places.

Water has a significant meaning for us especially with the tragic events in Japan this week with the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident. We are certainly at the mercy of Mother Nature.

We are very concerned with the number of people not taking care when using our driveway by the park. An increasing number of drivers are not being careful and are endangering our students by driving in and parking in the driveway when it is not necessary. Please respect our wishes as our staff need to park alongside the park due to the construction of the new classrooms and we are unable to park by the library or hall. Children need to be able to walk down the driveway safely. Thanks for your co-operation in this matter.

Our teachers are busy assessing the children this week so that we are able to address their learning needs more accurately. Many children would have mentioned that they have had a GLOSS test (for Mathematics) or a PM benchmarking reading test. The results of these tests will be entered onto the e-portfolios and goals will be set for individual children based on these results.

Have a great weekend.

Trish Plowright


Key Events For Your Diary

Fri 15 April…….. ....... Term ends

Mon 2 May....... Term 2 Begins

Thur 12 May ....... BOT Meeting

Wed 18 May....... New Parents Orientation Forum

Mon 6 June....... Queens Birthday – School Closed

Fri 10 June....... Principals Afternoon Tea

Thur 16 June....... BOT Meeting

Wed 13 July....... Y1-3 Student Led Conferences

Thur 14 July....... Y4-6 Student Led Conferences

Looking Ahead

SCHOLASTIC BOOK ORDERS – The last day for orders is Tuesday 29th March. Orders need to be sent to Room 2 please. A reminder that cheques need to be made out to Scholastic New Zealand

WORM TEA – What is Worm Tea? Well Worm Tea is worm pee (vermin liquid), we say YUCK, but the plants say YUM we love you. How do we get Worm Tea? Worm Tea comes from our worm farm we (Elm Park School) put our food scraps in the worm bin and then all the food scraps go in to the worm farm. The worms eat the food and then they pee it out, YUCK, well then we put it into milk bottles and it gets sold. How does Worm Tea work? What you do? Put 1 part Worm Tea and add 10 parts water. Pour that on your plants and the plants will grow nice and strong like a big tree. Order at the front office or buy at the school gate. P.S. We have enough empty milk bottles at the moment thank you.

PAPER RECYCLING - Help Your School. Help The Environment! Introducing “Paper From Homes” initiative. Paper From Homes is an exciting fundraising partnership between your school and Fullcircle Recycling – New Zealand’s leading paper recycling company. Paper From Homes is simple, green and rewarding. All you need to do to raise money for your school is to bring your used paper (including newspapers, junk mail, magazines, books, and flattened cardboard boxes) and place it in the specially marked “Paper From Homes” green recycling bin that is tied to the deck under the tree by the front office. Fullcircle Recycling will empty the bin and pay the school for the paper placed in it. So, the more paper from homes, the more money the school will make. Start now! Bring us your paper from home, help your school raise money, develop awareness of the benefits of recycling and create a better environment for us all. Bring us your Paper from Home!

EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS – If you would like to receive the fortnightly newsletter by email, along with reminders about early school closures, mufti days etc, please email the school office at with your youngest child’s name and your preferred email address.

This Week in Review

BOARD NEWS - The BOT would like to thank the students, parents and staff for their co-operation and patience during the construction of the three new class rooms. We are happy to advise that the building progress is on target, and due for completion by the end of term 1.

The purchase of a Toyota Mini Van for the purpose of getting students to off-site educational opportunities has proved to be a great addition and we hope this will be of benefit to all the students.

Any issues you wish to raise with the BOT, please contact us through Mrs Herriott at the school office.

DOLLS CLOTHES - Does anyone have some dolls clothes that they no longer need and would like to donate to the counselling/play room? Larger sizes would be good....

Please drop off at the office. Many thanks...Lyall Christie

Student Achievement

Congratulations to Erin Kernot for winning the 'Te Tuhi Carnival' colouring competition on Saturday 12th March. There were 30 entries and Erin’s was the winner. She was presented with a Smiggle voucher and a poster size copy of her work. Well done.

Focus on Children

Cute Cuddly Rabbits Come to Room 11

Before morning tea break we all got a big surprise… Chloe’s mum brought the most lovely, curious rabbits ever. There were five rabbits. One was black, two were white, two were brown. The black one’s name was Popcorn. They were baby rabbits. The rabbits were extremely soft. I like rabbits I wish I could have my own rabbit. Room 11 got in a circle because if we didn’t get into a circle the rabbits would definitely escape. As soon as someone moved the rabbits escaped. Luckily Mrs Rist caught them. After Room 11 got a chance to pat the rabbits Chloe’s mum put out carrots. Not for Room 11, for the rabbits. First they ate the orange part of the carrots then the leaves. When the rabbits had finished eating Chloe’s mum put the rabbits back into their cage. I hope the rabbits come to visit Room 11 again and soon.


Before the morning tea bell rang Chloe’s mum brought in a cage. Everyone was wondering what was in it. Mrs Rist said, “Circulatore”, (that means please get into a circle). The reason why we all went in a circle was so the five rabbits didn’t get away. Mrs Biddick let them have a run around. I only got one or two pats but they were sooooo cuddly, fluffy and cute. After about 30 minutes of patting Mrs Biddick gave them some carrots to eat. Once the carrots were almost gone Mrs Biddick put them back in their cage. I was very sad. I missed their fluffy, soft, warm coat. I wish oh how I wish Mrs Biddick would bring them back but for a longer time.


Before morning tea my mum came with baby rabbits. They were like cotton candy. The baby rabbits got to have some carrots. They jumped around the circle. I only got to pat it four times but it was still okay. The bell nearly rang so my mum went away with the baby rabbits. We all said goodbye. Then the bell rang. We all had morning tea.


In the morning Chloe’s mum brought rabbits! Before they got out of the cage we all got into a circle. When they got out one came running right to me. It sniffed my shoe! Some rabbits went out of the circle. Then we made our knees touch each other. So then they couldn’t escape. They jumped up and down. I had lots of fun. Then it was time to go. At the end one licked Meherzad’s finger. It was fun having them here.


Congratulations to all the students who were selected this term as class winners for Personal Presentation. Students voted as the overall winner in their year level for the most neatly presented in their uniform are:

Year 1:

Brianna Moor

Year 2:

Cindy Lin

Year 3:

Alex McGrath

Year 4:

Caleb Conrad

Year 5:

Alan Zhang

Year 6:

Brendan Johnstone


This term the following students were acknowledged for their responsible, friendly behaviour.

Room 1

Oliver Handley-Elder

Room 3

Artemas Kelsall

Room 4

Alliah Bautro

Room 5

Dominic Millar

Room 6

Jeremiah Fonoti

Room 7

Anmol Preet Kaur

Room 8

Briana Crang-Cournane

Room 9

Owen Huang

Room 10

Kayla Hallows

Room 11

Mishka Prasad

Room 12

Rosalina Filipo

Room 13

Catherine Chan

Room 14

Fernando Calderon

Room 15

Awhinarose Wood

Room 16

Liam Kernot

Room 17

James McNaughton

Room 18

Senaya Wellalagodage

Room 19

Lanika Nolan

Room 20

Kate Ramos

Room 21

Jack Simpson

Room 22

Isabelle Crackett

Room 23

Charlee Webb

Room 24

Arwen Matthews

Room 25

Grace Appleby

Room 26

Ronald Filipo

Room 27

Angelia Singh


Mt Hobson Middle School 131 Remuera Road Ph: 523-1241 Years 7-10 Enrolling for 2012

Join us parents from Elm Park playing NETBALL: Weds 9.30 am – 11 am during school term.

Comfort of Indoors (with outdoor rules). Fun & friendly. All levels of skills and fitness. $10

AMI Netball Centre, 7 Allison Ferguson Drive St Johns (end of Morrin Rd). Just turn up or Ph Monique on 576 1319.


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