Chocolate Fundraising up date

This year we have 2 families that were our top sellers in the chocolate fundraising
Jessica and Vaelei - Well done and thank you.

The following children were the year level winners for the chocolate selling and received a $30 Westfield voucher
Y1 Christian
Y2 Kendal
Y3 Macu
Y4 Alex
Y5 Lydia
Y6 Hannah-May

And the following children were the lucky dip winners and will all receive a $10 voucher

Rm 2 Jordan
Rm 5 Andre
Rm 7 Pula
Rm 8 Kieran
Rm 9 Nicholas
Rm 10 Leilani
Rm 11 Jayden
Rm 12 Saufoi
Rm 13 Kendra
Rm 14 Krupa
Rm 15 Vacha
Rm 16 Kian
Rm 17 Barath
Rm 18 Maniah
Rm 19 Julia
Rm 20 Bridget
Rm 21 Chalos
Rm 22 Iverson
Rm 23 Neiko
Rm 24 Jack
Rm 25 Awhina-Rose
Rm 26 Tarquin
Rm 28 Levi
Rm 29 Paige
Rm 30 Eric

Well done to all of you and thank you to the school community and families for supporting this fundraising.


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