Elm Park School Newsletter 1st February 2013 - Term 1 - Week 1

Friday 1st February 2013 – Term 1 Week 1

Value Focus for next week: Initiative / Perseverance

From The Principal

Kia ora tatou katoa, Talofa, Malo e lelei, Bula vi naka, Kia orana Nga mihi nui ki a koutou, Namaste, Nihao, Greetings to you all.  

Welcome back to all returning students and their families and welcome to all those who are joining our school community for the first time. Our first day was busy, particularly in the office with new children arriving. We are grateful to our wonderful office staff for remaining calm throughout. By 9.00 am everyone was in their room. The children have settled down into the school routine quickly and are participating in the classroom programme with enthusiasm, in spite of the heat. The Year 1-3 children are in luck, having the privilege of using the swimming pool to cool off in this term. 

A warm welcome to our new staff this year Mr Faenza Wanoa - Yr 5 in Rm 23 and Mrs Jazmin Lashlie - Y4 in Rm 15, and Mr Ryan Fletcher, our new Caretaker. Welcome back, Mrs Vanessa Koroa, Mrs Pauline Grainger and Mrs Linda Richards. There have been a few room changes (see list below).

During last week our staff attended two days of Professional Development at Elm Park. Our staff were updated with all the plans across the curriculum areas for the year. We discussed ways to provide quality teaching and learning opportunities for our students which will in turn lead to even better learning outcomes for all our students this year across the curriculum areas. Every year we strive to match our professional development for staff with the needs of the children so that it is a win-win situation for everyone. We were joined by the staff from Sunnyhills and St Marks Schools for a Writing workshops facilitated by Sally Muir from Waikato University.

Reporting to Parents - Parent Information Evenings will be held in Week 3 Term 1 - This will be an opportunity to be introduced to all the staff and your child/children’s teacher/s. The teachers will outline what they have planned for the class for this year and their expectations.   Parents and caregivers are cordially invited to attend Parent Information Evenings initially in the Auditorium.

Wednesday 13 February Years 4-6 at 6.30 pm
Thursday    14 February Years 1-3 at 6.30 pm

We look forward to meeting with you.  Please assembly in the Auditorium by 6.30 pm.

E-portfolios - We will continue to use e-portfolios at Elm Park School as a method of communication with parents/caregivers. This is an ongoing electronic form of collating information regarding the children, their progress and next learning steps in Literacy, Numeracy and other learning areas. This form of data collection is aligning our school with the 21st Century and the methods of reporting that are fast becoming the norm.  We are constantly refining the guidelines and format of these learning journals. Students are active participants in their own learning journey. They are aware of where they are at in their learning, what the gaps are and where they need to go next.  The e-portfolio takes the place of the written report throughout the year.

Year 5 children however will receive a written report at the end of the year so that these reports can be used to support applications for Intermediate – please keep these safe for Intermediate applications.  Those children who may leave during the year will receive a saved copy of their e-portfolios.

We will have 2 sessions of Student Led Conferences in Term 2 and Term 3 for parents and children to discuss achievement with the teachers.  If you have any queries during the year please feel free to make an appointment with the class teacher.

Principles, Values and Key Competencies - At Elm Park School we continue to include Principles, Values and the Key Competencies in our daily programmes. These concepts form the basis of the National Curriculum. We would really appreciate your support in this area of your children’s education. The key competencies are managing self, relating to others, participating and contribution, thinking, and using language, symbols and texts.  Elm Park students are encouraged to value excellence, innovation, enquiry and curiosity, diversity, respect, equity, care for the environment, integrity and community. At Elm Park “we empower all learners to achieve their personal best”. This is a partnership between the school and yourselves.

Parent Contribution & Annual Trips and Cultural Activities Payment - Thank you to all the parents/caregivers who have paid the school donation, activity fee and purchased the stationery pack so promptly. This assists us in getting the learning programmes underway as quickly as possible and enables the routines to be established early. 

Cultural Activities / Annual Trips Payment $100.00 per year ($25.00 per term) - Elm Park School strives to provide a quality education with a wide variety of opportunities for all students to participate, not just trips. This payment is very important to the school as many of our activities rely on this money – including enrichment groups such as Maths, Art, PE, Music, Chess, Swimming activities, Digikids (ICT) Please support the school by making this payment as soon as you are able to.

Parent Contribution  First Child                       $160.00
                                 Second Child                   $150.00
                                 Third Child                     $130.00

Payment can be made through the school office, during school hours or by internet banking. EFTPOS is available, and alternative payment options may be discussed with our Executive Officer Norma Foster.

Parent Contribution Receipts - Did you know that families with an annual income of $70,000 or less, may be eligible for a childcare subsidy. If you would like to apply, you can find an application form at your local WINZ office, or visit    www.workingforfamilies.govt.nz If you require any replacement or duplicate donation receipts for tax purposes please request them at the front office before the end of the year. Our financial software cannot issue duplicates after the start of the new year.

Stationery can be purchased online from Office Max
www.myschool.co.nz or collected in person at the Office Max store in Ronwood Ave, ManukauPrices vary for different year levels – please ensure you know your child’s year level before ordering.

Uniform Shop Hours - Monday – Friday mornings 8.15 am – 8.45 am and afternoons 2.30 pm - 3.00 pm (Sheree Houghton is in charge of the uniform shop).  All children are expected to wear the correct uniform at all times.
·          Headbands should be Black, White or Blue. Long hair should be tied back.
·     Only stud earrings are acceptable. No nail polish
·     Sensible black sandals and a sun hat in Term 1 and Term 4. Black school shoes in Term 2 and  Term 3
·     No canvas shoes please.

Years 5 & 6 are to wear sports uniform during PE sessions.

Year 6 Camp - The Year 6 children will be attending Camp MERC at Long Bay on the North Shore in Term 1, Week 4, Wednesday 20 February – Friday 22 February 2013

The teachers and children in Year 5 last year raised money which has been donated to the overall Camp fund to reduce the total cost for parents. This is an extremely valuable experience for everyone and we encourage all children to be part of this Camp. There is a focus around water safety skills and activities and team co-operation and collaboration. Further Camp information will be available from the Year 6 teachers and Mr Dave Borcher Deputy Principal for Year 5 & 6.

Headstart is a pre-school programme for four year olds who may or may not be attending Elm Park School. The purpose of this programme is to familiarise children with the school learning environment. This programme begins Week 4 Wednesday 20 February at 1.30 pm. This will be run by Mrs Pauline Grainger.  Please contact to the office for further information.

Road Safety - Thank you to the wonderful parents who have offered to help out at the pedestrian crossing, we really appreciate your time and effort.  Thank you to Mr Munro for offering to co-ordinate this with Mrs Holdom.  We encourage parents to help us by not parking on the yellow lines, making sure that the children walk safely across the crossing and up the path, not on the back driveway as it is a busy access to the school.

Kids Korner (Before & After School Care).
Just to remind you that we have this facility available. Please contact Kirstie Miller (577 0198).
Before school         7.00 am – 8.30 am
After school           3.00 pm – 6.00 pm

NO MORE NEWSLETTERS - School newsletters are published once a fortnight. The school newsletter is often our only means of communication with you at home so it is imperative that you read every issue to ensure you know what is going on within the school. We will not be sending home a paper newsletter after this one unless you specifically request one. These are available on our website www.elmpark.school.nz or on our blog http://elmparkschool.blogspot.co.nz/ or through Facebook – if you ‘like’ us on Facebook you will automatically receive the newsletter fortnightly on your newsfeed.

Looking forward to a wonderful new year.

Term Dates for 2013
Term 1 Tuesday 29 January to Friday 19 April 2013 (12 weeks)
Term 2 Monday 6 May to Friday 12 July 2013 (10 weeks)
Term 3 Monday 29 July to Friday 27 September (9 weeks)
Term 4 Monday 14 October to Thursday 12 December 2013 (9 weeks)

Term 1 -      Waitangi Day – Wednesday 6 February
Term 1 -      Easter (Good Friday) 29 March, Easter Monday 1 April Easter Tuesday 2 April
Term 2 -      Queen’s Birthday - Monday 3 June
Term 4 -      Labour Day - Monday 28 October

Firewood – We have firewood at $25 per trailer load.  This is available for collection from the back field any week day between 9 am – 2 pm until it is all sold.

Staffing for 2013

Mrs Trish Plowright
Mr Dave Borcher
Deputy Principal Y5-6
Ms Belinda Johnston
Deputy Principal Y3-4
Mrs Karen Allen
Deputy Principal Y1-2

Teachers / Rooms

Mrs Susanne Kerr
Rm 1      Y1
Mrs Pauline Grainger
Rm 2      Y1     Team Leader
Mrs Keryn Scott
Mrs Roseanne Worsfold
Rm 3      Y1
Mrs Cathy Gray
Rm 4      Y1
Miss Dillie Baria
Rm 5      Y1
Miss Ray Van Niekerk
Rm 7      Y1
Mrs Mehernaz Darukhanawalla
Rm 8      Y2     Team Leader
Mrs Catherine Holdom
Rm 9      Y2
Miss Andrea Charlesworth
Rm10     Y2
Mrs Vanessa Koroa
Rm 11    Y2
Mrs Kelly Field
Rm 12    Y3
Mrs Sue         Hodge
Rm 13    Y4     Team Leader
Mrs Sue Dane
Rm 14    Y4
Mrs Jazmin Lashlie
Rm 15    Y4
Mrs Sara Melville
Rm16     Y4
Mrs Linda Richards
Rm17     Y3
Mrs Tina Bezuidenhout
Rm18     Y3     Team Leader
Mrs Raenette Taljaard
Rm19     Y6
Mrs Anna Graham
Rm20     Y6
Miss Lucy Adamson
Rm21     Y6     (Boys class)
Mrs Dawn Walker
Rm22     Y6     Team Leader
Mr Faenza Wanoa
Rm23     Y5
Miss Irma Hughes
Rm24     Y5     Team Leader
Miss Lisa Biddick
Rm25     Y5
Mrs Jean Russell
Mrs Sarah Choi
Rm26     ESOL
Kids Korner
Music Room
Mrs Alicia Howard
Rm29     Y5
Mrs Debbie Rist
Rm30     Y3
Mrs Lois Nunes
SPELD rooms
Mrs Monica Meikle

Support Staff

Mr Ryan Fletcher
Mrs Norma Foster
Executive Officer
Mrs Rachel Herriot
Principal’s PA
Mrs Lauren Russell
Student Office Administrator
Mrs Diane Graham
Accounts Clerk
Mrs Katherine De Haast
International Student Co-ordinator
Mrs Vanessa Kernot
Resource Room
Miss Kirstie Miller
Kids Korner Manager
Teacher Aide
Mrs Libby Douglas
Teacher Aide
Mrs Faith de Villiers
Teacher Aide
Mrs Sheree Houghton
Uniform Shop
Teacher Aide
Mrs Tanya Sproull
Teacher Aide
Mrs Monique Ashmore
Teacher Aide
Mrs Suzan Jenner
Teacher Aide
Miss Mary Griffin
Teacher Aide
Mrs Lindsay Murray
Teacher Aide


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