Message from the Board of Trustees 2014

Message from the Board of Trustees

Parent Contribution

Thank you to the parents who have paid their parent contribution for 2014, we really appreciate your support.

As you are aware schools are funded on a per student basis at the level that reflects the decile rating for the socio economic status of the community. Unfortunately this funding does not cover all the costs incurred as we strive to provide the highest quality education for our students at Elm Park.  The Government expects that parents and communities will contribute almost 10% of our budgeted income in the form of parent contributions.

Elm Park has kept the parent contribution at $160.00 per child for at least 7 years and the school relies on these funds to provide extra activities and programmes to support learning across the school.

Your contribution goes towards the following resources, which are NOT fully funded by the Government:
·       Books for the library
·       Extra Reading resources for classroom
·       Art supplies
·       ICT equipment (computers, ipads, cameras, headphones
·       Sports equipment and interschool sports competitions
·       Laminating resources to be used in classrooms
·       Mathematics and writing resources
·       Equipment for teachers taking enrichment classes and learning support programmes

Annual Trips/ Cultural Activities & Resources Costs for 2014

During the year classes will be involved in a number of cultural activities, trips and using resources. These activities are closely related to the learning objectives for the year. The total amount is $100 for the whole of the year, and can be paid on a term by term basis ($25 per term).

The funds contribute to the following:
·       Trips to a variety of sites that are associated with the Inquiry Learning topic or context
·       Guest speakers
·       Cultural activities
·       Life Education Trust visits
·       Buses to transport the children to various programmes or activities
·       Aquatics water safety activities and equipment
·       Electronic resources Google, Mathletics, Reading resources PM+
·       Classroom resources, workbooks
·       PE/ Sport activities,
·       PMP Perceptual Motor Programme and equipment for Years 1 & 2 to support our learners fine and gross motor skills

If we do not receive your financial support we will not be able to provide many of the wonderful opportunities for our students at Elm Park School.

Please contact Mrs Vicki Chittenden, our new Accounts Person on 5770193, or the office staff Mrs Rachel Herriott or Mrs Lauren Russell to arrange payment of the parent donation and activities fees, if you do not already have a payment plan in place.

Online banking and EFTPOS facilities are available.

Looking forward to continuing with the great extra activities and resources Elm Park has been able to offer up to now.

Kind regards
BoT Chairperson

Charlise Carotenuto


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