Elm Park School Newsletter Term 3 Week 3


Jean Padaen said…
In regards the use of long sleeved and high-necked skivvies under the uniform, as a parent I would like to appeal for the reconsideration of this uniform regulation for the health of the children. The only reason why we make them wear these long-sleeved and high-necked skivvies is because the school's uniform is not sufficient for the cold weather. I haven't seen any teacher in t-shirts or short-sleeved blouse/polo-shirts either. It is not sensible and practical. And while we make our kids wear their winter jumpers when they go to school, the poor kids tell us their teachers make them remove it inside the classrooms... Yes I agree, inside the classroom is warm because it is properly heated but on the other hand why are they not advised to wear the winter jumpers as soon as they go out of the classrooms. This should at least not only minimize kids getting sick on rainy days but also de-clutter classrooms of lost and found school uniforms. And when the kids get sick, we, the parents, must stay away from work and stay home to take care of them!

I love the Elm Park uniform and I agree that every kid must wear them. However, if the school uniform is not sufficient and appropriate for the weather in consideration of the health and safety of the children, then, as parents, we would like to send them in long-sleeved and high-necked skivvies, at least dark blue ones to go along with the uniform. Please have a heart and reconsider.
Thanks so much for your comments. We are very aware that this uniform restriction is causing some concern for a few parents so we are in the process of organising a long sleeved school shirt. The sample shirt should be arriving from our supplier shortly and once approved we can place orders for manufacturing. We really appreciate your patience. Please keep an eye out for further updates.

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