Newsletter Term 4 Week 3 - Friday 29 October 2010

Value Focus for next week: Initiative & Perseverance

I trust everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather during the Labour weekend holiday. It was certainly refreshing to see the sun for so many days in a stretch. Just a reminder that children are required to wear sunhats this term.

ERO has been and gone and to date they were very complimentary about our school learning and physical environment, staff teaching and children’s learning. We look forward to the written report soon.

We are now back into full swing with all the activities that will take us to the end of 2010 school year. Many groups of children have been on trips to the Orakei Marae, Tiritiri Matangi Island, Botanic gardens, the Zoo and many more are planned.

The children are already practicing for the end of year concert which is at the end of Week 9. Collaborative conferences will be held in Week 8, information to follow regarding this.

Last night was the ICT Cluster share evening with Shelly Park School, Cockle Bay School, Botany Downs School and Elm Park School. It was a celebration of all that we have achieved over the past three years with the support and guidance from Ms Belinda Johnston, our ICT facilitator and the ICT lead teachers in each school. Well done to everyone for all your hard work. The staff and children have benefited enormously from this professional development funded by the Ministry of Education. We have been very fortunate to have received this financial support.

Trish Plowright

Looking Ahead
Let’s Try Walking To School! It’s fun, healthy and safer if there are less cars on Gossamer Drive. Days and Fun Themes for the Walking School Bus:
Week 4 – Wed 3 November - Bring a family member or friend
Week 6 – Thursday 18 November - Wacky Hairstyle
Week 8 – Friday 3 December - Wear your favourite hat
The buses will leave at 8.15 am from the following routes:
Route 1 - Mrs Allen: Meet on the corner of Walworth Ave and Cascades Road. Walk down Walworth Ave to Marvon Downs, up Marvon Downs to the walkway to Elm Park School.
Route 2 – Mrs Worsfold and Mrs Howard: Meet on the corner of Beldon Ave and Ennis Ave, walk along Ennis Ave to Gossamer Drive, down Gossamer Drive to Elm Park School.
Route 3 – Ms Meikle: Meet at the Four Square, walk along to Gossamer Drive, down Gossamer Drive to Elm Park School.
Route 4 – Miss Tizard: Meet on the corner of Pooley Street and Larne Ave, walk along Larne Ave to Portadown Ave, onto Gossamer Drive, down Gossamer to the crossing in front of Elm Park School.

Mrs Meikle is desperately seeking clean, dry, 2 litre milk bottles with their correct lids. Please send these to school with your child if you have any. Many thanks.

This Week in Review
We have the opportunity to offer our parents SPF30+ SunBlock Cream. These need to be pre-ordered and paid for by Friday 12th November. Please send your money and order form in a named envelope to the school office.
100gr Tube SPF30+ $7.00
50ml Roll On SPF30+ (perfect for school bags) $5.00
100ml After Sun Gel $7.00
Family Pack $30.00 (consisting of 2 Tubes, 2 Roll Ons, 1 Gel)

On Tuesday 26th October, in a brilliant warm spring day, we finally managed to run our Cross Country. The teachers were delighted by the stamina shown by all the children. Our thanks to parents, student teachers and Mr Borcher and Mrs Plowright who supported out run. The place-getters were:

9 Year Boys
1 Liam Ross R13
2 Joshua Winchester R13
3 Arzan Todywalla R12

9 Year Girls
1 Keziah Seiuli R13
2 Leiana Voukolo R12
3 Seyah Woodman R15

8 Year Boys
1 Lochlan Dobbie R12
2 Yash Shahri R13
3 Blake McIntyre R12

8 Year Girls
1 Caitlyn Armour R14
2 Emily Morrison R12
3 Sarah Heemi R12

Year 3 all
1 Joshua Spooner R14
2 Caleb Conrad R14
3 Neo Daley R14

The information provided on the top of the Chopper Challenge Sponsorship Form was incorrect. The helicopter flight is for 8 children only, not family members. We apologise for this misunderstanding.

Student Achievement
Congratulations to Riley Delaveau who was awarded "The Campbell Cup" for Best Junior all round boy for the year for Hockey, at the Howick/Pakuranga Hockey Club, at the prize giving on 18th September.

Room 27 has been working with Room 26 and Room 4 to create a beautiful new garden made from recycled materials. We have enjoyed painting the tyres and filling the garden with soil. This week we are focussing on planting. We have been learning all about what types of plants will grow in the shade. Below are some stories we have written about our project.

Before our garden was ugly and all the plants were dead but now our garden is getting better because we are putting tyres in and it makes it better.

Before our garden was ugly because plants died but then we did more research. We made more colours so it would look beautiful.

Before our garden was muddy. Now our garden will be special and it will be beautiful and a good place.

Before our garden was ugly and terrible because nobody was caring for it.

Before our garden was yucky and horrible, muddy and shady. Now it is a lovely and pretty garden because there are colourful tyres and our garden will be played in.

We have painted some tyres to put in the garden. Now our garden looks beautiful.

Congratulations to all the students who were selected this term as class winners for Personal Presentation. Students voted as the overall winner in their year level for the most neatly presented in their uniform are:

Year 1: Mahaki Albrett-Tureia
Year 2: Andrew Zhang
Year 3: Louis Hewetson-Townley
Year 4: Abigail Santoso
Year 5: Harrison Ambler
Year 6: Taniela Tupou

This term the following students were acknowledged for their responsible, friendly behaviour.
Room 1 Kayla Hallows
Room 2 Caleb Birch
Room 3 Joshua Christophers
Room 4 Michael Wilson
Room 5 James Bates
Room 6 Taylor-Marsh Kahaki
Room 7 Samerah Amarasinghe
Room 8 Ryan Young
Room 9 Mansur Nazif
Room 10 Riley Smith
Room 11 Mujib Nazif
Room 12 Sierra Heemi
Room 13 Keziah Seiuli
Room 14 Logan Sabetian
Room 15 Michael Ng
Room 16 Annalise Worsfold
Room 17 Arzan Mohta
Room 18 Andre Paynter
Room 19 Jaeden Osborne
Room 20 Anna Christiansen
Room 21 Daman Bhatti
Room 22 Kyshawn Lavemai
Room 23 Jason Langi
Room 24 Jordan Hallows
Room 25 Duan Jordaan
Room 26 Reece Robinson
Room 27 Annelise Frewin

Girl Guides Attempt To Break The World Record For The Longest Bra Chain
As part of Girl Guiding New Zealand, Shannon, Emily and Jordan are collecting old and unused bras to participate in breaking the work record for the longest bra chain. New Zealand Girl Guides are doing this for these 3 reasons:
1. To raise awareness of breast cancer
2. So the bras can be donated to woman in third world countries that can’t afford them
3. To beat Australia who hold the world record at the moment.

If you could please put them in the black bag in the office. Thank you, this will be a big help for us!


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