Newsletter Term 4 Week 7 - Friday 26 November 2010

Value Focus for next two weeks: Responsibility / Tolerance
Kia ora tatou katoa, Talofa, Malo e lelei, Bula vi naka, Kia orana Nga mihi nui ki a koutou, Namaste, Nihao, He mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa! Greetings to you all. The Chopper Challenge was very successful. Thank you all for your support towards such a worthy cause. We raised a total of $5105.70! Well done to all the children who tried their hardest in this challenge. The winners of the helicopter ride will receive a permission slip home which needs to be back at school on Monday morning.
These are our deserving winners:
Courtney Sioneloto $300.70
Caleb DeCleene $223.00
Harry Crawford $220.00
Briana Worsfold $179.50
Annalise Worsfold $166.00
Jesica Pratt $140.00
Jasmin Wood $125.00
Shania Hardy $122.50
The Chopper will be landing on the school field on Monday 29th November at approx 11.30 am and leaving at approx 12.30 pm. Members of the school community are more than welcome to come and watch. Have a good weekend.
Trish Plowright


Wed 1 Dec Collaborative Conferences 3.30 – 8.00 pm

Thur 2 Dec Collaborative Conferences 3.30 – 8.00 pm

Tue 7 Dec Parent Helpers Morning Tea

Wed 8 Dec BOT Meeting

Thur 9 Dec Year 6 Graduation

Fri 10 Dec Term 4 Awards Assembly 9.30 am, Celebration Concert

Mon 13 Dec Year 5 /6 Service to School Outing, Year 5 / 6 Disco

Wed 15 Dec Final Awards Assembly 9.30 am, Term 4 ends


CHILDREN NOT RETURNING IN 2011 – Please ensure you notify us in writing immediately if your child is not returning to Elm Park School in 2011. CHILDREN ABSENT ON THE FIRST DAY OF 2011 – Please ensure you notify us in writing if you know in advance that your child is intending to remain at Elm Park School for 2011 but will be absent on the first day. GET ON THE WALKING SCHOOL BUS!

Wk 8 – Friday 3 December - Wear your favourite hat The buses will leave at 8.15 am from the following routes; Route 1 - Mrs Allen: Meet on the corner of Walworth Ave and Cascades Road. Walk down Walworth Ave to Marvon Downs, up Marvon Downs to the walkway to Elm Park School. Route 2 – Mrs Worsfold and Mrs Howard: Meet on the corner of Beldon Ave and Ennis Ave, walk along Ennis Ave to Gossamer Drive, down Gossamer Drive to Elm Park School.

Route 3 – Ms Meikle: Meet at the Four Square, walk along to Gossamer Drive, down Gossamer Drive to Elm Park School. Route 4 – Miss Tizard: Meet on the corner of Pooley Street and Larne Ave, walk along Larne Ave to Portadown Ave, onto Gossamer Drive, down Gossamer to the crossing in front of Elm Park School.

MILK BOTTLES – Mrs Meikle is desperately seeking clean, dry, 2 litre milk bottles with their correct lids. Please send these to school with your child if you have any. Many thanks.


MOTAT Trip - In week 6, Rooms 4,8,9,10,26,27 went to MOTAT and in week 7 Rooms 1,2,3,5,6,7 also went. Below are some stories written by children who attended the trip.

In the morning I woke up at six am just because of the trip! When Fraiser told us we were going on the tram we were so excited. We decorated a Christmas tree. We made candles for other people. The village was really tricky. The mirror maze was really confusing. Michael bumped into walls, I went in the wrong direction and Eason bashed his way through! When I saw the tram it was as green as grass. It was a fabulous time! By Marcus

Yesterday morning I was so excited because my class was going to MOTAT. Also room 10 and 9 were coming in the bus with us. When we got to MOTAT RJ took us to the mirror maze and she took us to the old school. After that room 4 went to a classroom. Over there we all made a candle to someone. Then we went on the tram. The tram was as slow as a snail. When we came back to school I was very tired. By Vacha.

Fireworks acrostic poem By Vivienne Hanna

Flaming fireworks, flashing sparks exploding way up high,

Invisible fairies aiming their bombs for the ground then disappearing into the dark and gloomy night.

Roaring rockets breaking into thousands of tiny glittering pieces.

Enormous explosions everywhere I look.

Wishing I could fly with the fireworks but it didn’t work.

Over the tree tops many colous jumping away.

Red, orange, yellow and lots of other colours all shoot up at different times.

KAPOW, kaboom, Crash, bang, boom. Flying sparks everywhere all making a lot of noise.

So much noise makes me scream! That’s the best night I’ve ever seen!

Botanic Gardens Visit by Paris

Last week on Friday it was Room 16 and 17’s trip to the Botanic gardens. We first got into our groups. The parents were Mandy, Kathrine and Phil. I was in Mandy’s group. When we were all in our groups we headed for the bus. I sat at the back. As soon as we got there we had morning tea, it was yum! After morning tea we met two lovely ladies named Trish and Marian. My group strolled with Marian to somewhere quieter to talk. We talked about the life-cycle of a group of animals needing, helping and eating each other. Then we went for a walk around the Botanic gardens. Later we made compost and learnt about the greens and the browns. The greens were the dead plants and the browns were the paper. The only paper you are not aloud is the glossy paper because glossy paper has poisonous ink in it. After the composting we washed our hands. Next we went to the shaded area to have lunch. “Crunch! Crunch!” I munched. In the afternoon my group had free time. We all went to the African garden. Then went to feed the ducks. At the end of the day we went to wait for the other groups. Then we came we went back to school. I was really tired but I had a fantastic day!


Congratulations to all the students who were selected this term as class winners for Personal Presentation. Students voted as the overall winner in their year level for the most neatly presented in their uniform are:

Year 1:

Hailley Young

Year 2:

Mishka Parsad

Year 3:

Sophia Su

Year 4:

Neo Daley

Year 5:

Keane Carotenuto

Year 6:

Liam Anderson


This term the following students were acknowledged for their responsible, friendly behaviour.

Room 1: Liam Revell

Room 2: James Willats

Room 3: Erica Kim

Room 4: Gemma Mocke

Room 5: Elizabeth Davies

Room 6: Dartanian O'Keefe

Room 7: Diesel Folau

Room 8: Kalin Howard

Room 9: Perez Tiatia

Room 10: Tanuj Minhas

Room 11: Niu-Alinghi Peni

Room 12: Lochlan Dobbie

Room 13: Tyrell Kanny

Room 14: Rhian Blakeborough-Kocsis

Room 15: Alais Riddle

Room 16: Levi Guyan

Room 17: Ashleigh Gibbons

Room 18: Maddison Hohneck

Room 19: Mike Cui

Room 20: Anna Christiansen

Room 21: Shakil Karsan

Room 22: Shania Hardy

Room 23: Julias Vea

Room 24: Poyong Huang

Room 25: Taylor Marshall-Stuart

Room 26: Alex McGrath

Room 27: Colin Ng


Lights, Camera, Action – Become a star at your Library 13 December – 21 January 2011. Summer Reading Challenge at your local Library. Thechallenge is free and open to all Counties-Manukau children aged 5-11 years. Visit your local library from 6 December to enrol. Lakewood Lodge - The Adventure Farm Camp Specialists JANUARY 2011 SCHOOL HOLIDAY ADVENTURE CAMPS Monday 17th – Friday 21st January, 8 – 14 year olds Monday 24th – Friday 28th January, 8 – 14 year olds 5 days, 4 nights $370 Here at Lakewood Lodge, we offer a safe, caring, family atmosphere with an opportunity to experience farm life and make new friends. We have great country cooking, 1 Horse trek & grooming **, Kayaking, Archery, 11 Metre Climbing Wall, Low Ropes course, Frisbee Golf, waterslide, disco, a concert, Spotlight, Burma Trail, pool & table tennis competitions, BBQs, Volleyball, games, Firepit with toasted marshmallows, pet animal interaction & excellent supervision. Also included is a day at an Aquatic Centre. Phone us now with your registration - 07-826-3344 Or book on through our website **Specialist Horse Camp running at the same time. OSCAR Approved. If you would like to be on our mailing list please email Jeff –


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